Welcome to my blog page. I hope that you will find the content useful.

My early blogs aim to provide an introduction to counselling for those who have not had counselling before. These blogs include topics around why people attend counselling, how to choose a counsellor and different ideas about the counselling process. I hope that this will provide you with some guidance on what counselling may be like in the hope of enabling you to get the most from the process once you decide to attend counselling whether that be with me or another counsellor.

As my blog goes on I aim to write more about themes within counselling, self care tips, reflections, insights and other general information.

Please get in touch today if you would like to hear more about counselling with me.

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What happens in the first session?

Attending your first counselling session can be daunting. It can often bring up all kinds of thoughts and feelings. When...
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How to choose a counsellor

It can be a very daunting prospect taking the step to contact a counsellor. For some people it can take many months of...
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Why do people come to counselling?

There seems to be a misconception that counselling is only for those who are suffering with a mental health problem such...